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2nd Grade Silicone Paper 35-48gsm

Product Name : Silicone paper
Price : $ 1040/ Ton
Brand : Mondi
Shipping Port : Rostock, Germany
Minimum Order Quantity : 20.000kg (Full Container)
Supply Capacity : 200.000 kg/year
Payment Terms : TT
Total View : 1927
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Company : First Label Oy
Address : Niittaajankatu 3 B 50 00810 Helsinki
Telephone: +358406743111
Fax :
Country Finland
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Contact Person Mikko Kesti
Designation Managing Director
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by 1 Users
Short Description
Buy Release Liner, Grammage: 35 to 48 gsm, Brand: Mondi, Price $1040/ton.
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Product Lead Detailed Description 1

We have 2nd grade siliconised paper/release liner to sell on a constant basis. Source of the release liner is in Europe. We can guarantee that the paper is coated with silicone but there might be pinholes, scratches and other visual defects. No functional defects while supplier has a web defect system.


Here is one example what we can supply:


Product:      one side siliconised kraft paper (“M-liner”)

Colour:        white

Weight:       35gsm, 37gsm, 39gsm, 42gsm, 48gsm, 55gsm and 60gsm/m2

Width:            200mm – 2000mm

Core:              152mm/76mm

MOQ:         Full container/truck

End-use:     Envelope, hygiene, labelstock


Main volumes are in thinner grammages (35gsm, 37gsm and 39gsm).


Current stocklist:


Grammage [gsm]

Width [mm]




2 471



24 415



3 031



2 199



2 955



8 519



6 750


50 340


Looking forward for making business together!








Kind regards

Mikko Kesti 

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silicone paper release liner glassine
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About Company:
We offer release liner stocklots on a constant basis from Europe. Our suppliers are very well known for their superior quality and flexible deliveries.

Mondi Silicone paper Manufacturer,Mondi Silicone paper Exporter,Mondi Silicone paper Supplier, Importer and Trader from Finland
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