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Catabond Liquid for better paper making strength characteristics

Product Name : Catabond Liquid
Price : On Demand
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Shipping Port : Navasheva Port India
Minimum Order Quantity : as required
Supply Capacity : As required
Payment Terms : LC or TT
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Company : Ascent Chemicals
Address : 483,Thulipatti, Manmangalam Taluk, karur-639006 TamilNadu
Telephone: +919865841234
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Country India
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Contact Person Arulkumar
Designation CEO
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Short Description
Buy Catabond Liquid, pH: 4.5 to 6.5, Cationic Charge: +977 mv, Usage: in Paper Making Application
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Catabond Liquid for Sale

Catabond liquid has high cationic charge that is +977mv and it is specially formulated cationic polymeric chemicals designed for better paper making and to improve strength characteristics like burst factor, tear factor, double fold, breaking length and stiffness of craft, writing, printing and board paper. These chemicals are very much suitable for shore fibre pulp like straw, hard wood, bagasee, waste paper etc. And can be used as supplement for long fibres.

Advantages :

Catabond liquid satisfies above requirements in most of the paper making conditions encountered in practice and enhances characterstics properties of the paper. 

Use of ascent catabond liquids result in :

= reduced furnish cost by substituting lower cost, lower strength fibre sources

= improved capability by enabling a mill to make new grades with strength levels not attainable without a dry strength program

= reduce or eliminate wet end starch, which has the potential to reduce effluent bod, reduce maintenance and operating costs for the starch system, and improve paper machine clothing life and cleanliness

= reduced refining energy input, leading to electrical savings as well as either faster machine speed or less steam use

= improved paper machine run ability as a result of higher web strength

= reduction of other paper machine additives

= increasing bursting and tensile strength.

= ready to use liquid

= easy to prepare solution and apply

= effective at low dosages

= completely miscible with water

Cost saving :

= by increased ash loading.

= by down grading furnish used.

= by reduced refining.

= by reduction in rosin size usage.


1. Color &appearance : colorless syrupy liquid.

2. Ph : products 4.5 – 6.5

3. Solubility : soluble in cold water giving clear solution.

4. Viscosity : high.

5. Shelf life : minimum six months.

6. Solid content : 15-18

7.Inonic : high cationic +977mv

Mode of application: 

3-6 kg per ton of paper used at mixing chest / bascoc on plant trial

Mode of use: 

Catabond liquid may be added at source or by diluting to a concentration of 30 to 40 gpl using filtered water, either into the refined or to the machine chest. But care should be taken the diluted product is not stored for longer period. Ascent catabond liquid can be prepared easily just by mere mixing. No use of agitator or sophisticated dosing equipment is required. Our product engineer will recommend you the best-suited concentration and the point of addition for your requirement. The ph of backwater and drying temperature of the paper are the significant factors in the development of dry strength and allowance should therefore be made up with the use of fresh water if drying conditions are changed.

Product Benefits : 

Better dry strength properties, improve the smoothness, improved stiffness and better internal and surface sizing.

Product Packing: 

50kg corboy / 225kg hdp barrel 1000kg totes

Contact us for your requirement of Catabond Liquid.

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Catabond Liquid
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We would like to take this opportunity of briefly introduce our company the ASCENT CHEMICALS, so that you may consider adding our company to your list of approved suppliers. ASCENT CHEMICALS is established itself as one of the leading suppliers of a wide range of textile chemicals and paper chemicals. Backed by a team of excellent human resources and an outstanding technical setup, we offer the highest quality products. Our comprehensive quality control reflects our earnestness and sincerity in maintaining quality standards in our every aspect of our business. Company efforts are entirely directed towards achieving the highest standards of customer satisfaction, and hence, we offer our products at competitive prices to them. As a Chemical Company, - We've helped our clients identify growth opportunities and solve their most complex business issues. At Ascent Chemicals, our focus is to provide world class chemical solutions for Paper Industries and we are supplying following qualified chemicals for the customer DSR(DRY STRENGTH RESIN),DEFOAMER, DETERGENT SOLUTIONS, PVA 15% & ANTI-FLUFF AGENT ...etc., A concise summary of each of our divisions are mentioned here below, which are for your perusal. It would be highly appreciated if you could register our company name in your list of approved suppliers, for relevant business opportunities, so as to render our services to your esteemed selves in the foreseeable future.

Catabond Liquid Manufacturer, Catabond Liquid Exporter, Catabond Liquid Supplier, Importer and Trader from India
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