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Dissolved Air Flotation Clarifier

Product Name : Dissolved Air Flotation Clarifier
Price : As per Size Design
Brand : Daftech
Shipping Port : Mumbai-India
Minimum Order Quantity : 1 Unit
Supply Capacity : 2 Units per month
Payment Terms : LC with provision for 20% advance
Total View : 3407
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Company : Daftech Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
Address : SCO 1A, Sector 7C Madhya Marg Chandigarh 160019
Telephone: +91 9814127804
Fax : +91 172 2791959
Country India
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Contact Person Shaju Peter
Designation Managing Director
Short Description
Buy Dissolved Air Flotation Clarifier, Diameter: 1.2 to 21.3 meters, Flow Rate: 5 to 2019 m3/ hr
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 DAFTECH designs and manufacturers a complete line of circular DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation) Clarifier. Flotation has been widely used for industrial wastewater treatment. The typical industrial wastes treated by flotation are paper mill backwater, oily wastewater as well effluents from sugar, dairy, textile industries and tanneries.



Floatcells are circular in shape, ranging in diameter from 1.2 to 21.3 meters. Flowrate from 5 m3/hr to 2019 m3/hr. and a liquid depth of only 0.65 meter.
Size Range of DAF Clarifier
DAF Clarifier are available to process raw water flows of 5 m3/hr to 2019 m3/hr utilizing a shallow circular tank approximately 65 cm deep. Tank diameter ranges from 1.2 mtrs. to 21.3 mtrs. 
Construction of DAF Clarifier
The standard Floatcell features a polyurethene-coated carbon steel circular tank, tank bottom supports, side wall stiffeners, heavy duty tank rim, top bridge and catwalks. Units can be fabricated entirely of stainless steel on request. All clarifiers feature a standard sludge cone, clear water separation wall, Air Mixing Tube (AMT), central rotary joint, sludge scoop and top bridge with attached assembly. 
Models of DAF Clarifier
DAF clarifiers are available in following models:
  dia in mm m3/hr
FTC 5 1219 5
FTC 9 1858 9
FTC 26 2400 26
FTC 45 3200 45
FTC 68 3900 68
FTC 90 4500 90
FTC 135 5500 135
FTC 164 6100 164
FTC 198 6700 198
FTC 229 7200 229
FTC 290 8100 290
FTC 358 9000 358
FTC 443 10000 443
FTC 534 11000 534
FTC 657 12200 657
FTC 792 13400 792
FTC 968 14800 968
FTC 1247 16800 1247
FTC 1584 19900 1584
FTC 2019 21300 2019

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We specialize in Dissolved Air Flotation for fibre recovery in paper mills and industrial wastewater treatment.

Daftech Dissolved Air Flotation Clarifier Manufacturer,Daftech Dissolved Air Flotation Clarifier Exporter,Daftech Dissolved Air Flotation Clarifier Supplier, Importer and Trader from India
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Dissolved Air Flotation Clarifier
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