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Dissolved Air Flotation Unit for Waste Water Treatment

Product Name : Dissolved Air Flotation Unit
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Shipping Port : NavaSheva Port India
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Telephone: 09820188227
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Country India
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Contact Person LEENA KARIA
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Buy Dissolved Air Flotation Unit, Design: Cross Flow, Technology: Plate Separation.
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World Water Works (WWW) is a leader in DAF technology. Proprietary and Patent Pending features include:

Cross Flow Design – Results in higher residence time and lower footprint

Progressive Water Extraction technology – Results in higher removals and lower footprint

Plate Separation technology -  Provides higher surface area for solids removal

Regenerative Turbine System - Creates very fine bubbles of 5-15 microns resulting in high removal efficiency, lower power requirement and lower chemistry

Cone Bottom Sludge Removal – Provides easy sludge removal

Polypropylene Design – Provides resistant against corrosion

Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) technology is the process where suspended solids, oil & greases, and other insoluble impurities are separated from water slurries. The Dissolved Air Flotation process dissolves air into water under pressure.  Upon release of the pressure, microbubbles form. These micro-bubbles interact with the particles to cause them to float to the surface of a vessel where they are skimmed and separated. World Water Works develop a remarkable Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) process called the www/Resource DAF. This technology is now in its 7th generation over a short 14 year span. The original www/RESOURCE Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) system was tested side by side several of the most well known DAFs in the market.  It completely outperformed the competition. World Water Works' seventh generation Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) system completely changes how liquid/solids separation is achieved. Dramatically higher removal efficiencies, lower operational costs, smaller footprint and a longer life-span make the www/RESOURCE Dissolved Air Floatation technology revolutionary in the marketplace.



The World Water Works' Resource DAF can be effectively used to remove TSS, FOG, BOD, COD and other resources and/or resources from a liquid stream.  Call World Water Works today to get a quote on a high rate www/RESOURCE Dissolved Air Floatation - DAF system.

Contact us for your buying requirement of Dissolved Air Flotation Unit.

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Dissolved Air Flotation Unit
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World Water Works (WWW) is an innovative technology company specialising in wastewater treatment systems which recover resources and provide water reuse. The company was incorporated in 1998 in New York, USA and 2012 in India with focus on innovation, quality and customer satisfaction. Executing these goals has enabled WWW to establish a leading reputation and meaningful relationships with over 700 customers – such as Nestle, Unilever Easen ( China) ,Coca-Cola, Danone, Disney, Hormel Foods, Proctor and Gamble and several of the leading municipalities. WWW designs and manufactures a range of wastewater treatment equipment consisting of Screens, Dissolved Air Flotation ((DAF), Biological Systems, Clarifiers, Filters and Dewatering equipment. WWW is well known as a leader in DAF technology as well as biological treatment processes including Moving Bed Biofilm Reactors (MBBR) and Deammonification (DEMON®). The MBBR process is a progressive biological process that provides significant advantages for BOD and nitrogen removal. The DEMON® process is an award winning technology for nitrogen removal. The DEMON® process requires no carbon source and uses 60% less energy compared to the conventional process

Dissolved Air Flotation Unit Manufacturer, Dissolved Air Flotation Unit Exporter, Dissolved Air Flotation Unit Supplier, Importer and Trader from India
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Dissolved Air Flotation Unit for Waste Water Treatment
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