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Double A Paper Supplier Co., Ltd 

About Company:
Double A Paper Supplier Co., Ltd is a supplier and exporter of high quality premium office photocopy and printing multipurpose copy papers. We supply and export different varieties of office stationery photocopy and printing copy papers. We supply office copier papers such as photocopy papers, copy paper, a4 paper, multipurpose paper, printer paper, fax paper and carbon papers. We also supply a various kinds of weights of office copy papers such as 80gsm papers, 75gsm papers, 70gsm paper, 90gsm paper and 150gsm type of office papers. We can also manufacture and export different sizes of papers like a4 papers, a3 paper, a5 paper, f14 paper, letter size papers, legal size papers and can also supply office copy papers in rolls and large size sheets in pallets.

Double A Paper Supplier Co., Ltd focus of quality as a tool to achieve client satisfaction so we utilize the best technology, designs and machines in the production and supply of our products. Double A Paper Supplier Co., Ltd is a supplier of different brands of office copy papers such as double a paper, chamex copy paper, ik plus photocopy paper, paperone copier paper, copimax office fax papers, typek bond papers, mondi rotatrim copy paper, jk copier paper and many other brands of office stationery papers.

Founded in the 21st century, Double A Paper Supplier Co., Ltd is a modernized enterprise specialized in producing and exporting all kinds of copy photocopy paper and other related paper products including copy paper, glossy art paper C1S glossy art paper, C2S glossy art paper, printing offset paper, bond paper, duplex board with greywhite back paper, adhesive sticker paper, Ivory Board Paper(FBB), Carbonless paper, tissue paper, toilet paper, ATM papers, thermal paper, paper cards and so on.

We can produce kinds of office copy paper with different gsm, sizes and brightness with high quality performance. Our production capacity is 1000 tons per month. We have created our own brands that have been supplied around the world and warmly welcomed. We also do OEM orders as well, printing customers' logo or brands on the product packaging.

Hereby, we wish to inform everyone that we are a serious and highly motivated enterprise that always realizes our goals on quality and service and try our best to keep a long-term and steady business relationships with all of our esteemed clients.
Company Double A Paper Supplier Co., Ltd
Address 27 Sukhumvit Soi 14, Wattana
Telephone +66273505179
Country Thailand
Country Flag
Contact Person Khun Charikorn
Designation Sales Manager
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Service Response,Quality, Delivery,Technical, Commercial
Business Activity : Manufacturer
Industry Type : Pulp & Paper Industry
Company Type : Limited Liability Company
Company Establishment : 1993
No. of Employee : 317
Company Turnover : 5m USD but 10m USD
International Standards : Figure
Member of Association : Figure
Verification Status :
Company Website: (paid members)
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Membership Type : Free Membership
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Selling offers this company
Typek Mondi Rotatrim A4 Copier Photocopy Printing Copy Paper 80gsm 75gsm 70gsm

Category : Bond Paper
Country : Thailand
Double A Office Photocopy office print paper A4 Copy printing writing paper

Category : Papers
Country : Thailand
IK Plus IK Yellow A4 Copier 80GSM Photocopy A4 Copy Printing Paper 70gsm

Category : Copier Paper
Country : Thailand
Double A Multipurpose A4 Photocopy Printing Copier Paper 80gsm 75gsm 70gsm

Category : Writing Printing Paper
Country : Thailand
PaperLine Gold Copimax A4 Copier Photocopy Printing Copy Paper 80gsm 75gsm 70gsm

Category : Copier Paper
Country : Thailand
PaperOne Excellent A4 Copy Multipurpose A3 Copier Letter Size Printer Paper

Category : Fax Paper
Country : Thailand
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