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Product Name : Brown, Black, Green, Blur, Yellow, Golden
Price : USD 2 per kg
Brand :
Shipping Port : mumbai
Minimum Order Quantity : 250
Supply Capacity : 60 MT
Payment Terms : TT
Total View : 1531
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Company : Hariram Industries
Address : Plot No: 3184, 40 Shed Area, Nr. V-Trans Ltd,GIDC,VAPI
Telephone: 0260-2424990
Fax :
Country India
Country Flag
Contact Person Jitesh Shah
Designation Partner
Short Description
Dyestuff in powder and liquid for Craft, Tissue, Test Liner, Newsprint, Board, writing Pring Golden Yellow, Brown, Green, Violet, Red, Blue, Black, Yellow, Pink etc.
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Product Lead Detailed Description 1
We are manufacturer and exporter of Acid, Basic, Direct and Pigment Dyes (Powder & Liquid) for Craft,Tissue,Test liner, Newsprint, Writing Printing Paper. Send us your valuable inquiry.
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Acid Dyes Direct Dyes Basic Dyes Pigment Dispersion cationic dyes Anionic Dyes Liquid dyes
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About Company:
We are manufacturer and exporter of dyes for Craft, Tissue, Writing-Printing, Newsprint, test liner paper industries, Our wide range of dyes in poder and liquid. Our 75% production is export.

Brown, Black, Green, Blur, Yellow, Golden Manufacturer, Brown, Black, Green, Blur, Yellow, Golden Exporter, Brown, Black, Green, Blur, Yellow, Golden Supplier, Importer and Trader from India
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