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Hebei Zaoqiang Dinghao FRP CO.,LTD 

About Company:
Our company produce doctor blade and doctor blade holders.. Our company uses imported "toray" 3 k plain carbon fiber cloth making into carbon fiber blade, which is the basic guarantee of special paper, culture paper, food paper and white cardboard, won’t cause "black spots" “fly-speck" "Black fiber loss" and so on, and no damage to paper cleanliness.

Our products can be used in the paper producing. It has a very good result for cleaning the rolls. We have polymer doctor blade, Epo-glass fiber doctor blade, special resin with carbon grinding doctor blade, carbon fiber blade, stainless doctor blade, carbon steel doctor blade, phosphor-bronze doctor blade and ceramic doctor blade. Temperature resistance can be from 80 centigrade to 250 centigrade and can meet up the customer demands in different situations.And the carbon fiber blade has special lubricity and bending strength , It can protect the roll when it clean it.

And our doctor blade holders are rigid type and flexible type.

Our general manager Mr. Peng adds much importance on the technology improvement and the After-sale service. Our end-users are Sun Paper Group, Nine Dragon Paper, Lee&Man Paper Holding , Shandong Chenming Paper etc.. Our product enjoy great reputation for the quality.We usually can design the product according to the customer.

And we can cut the doctor blade in different size according to your requirement and fix the rivets according to the drawings or you can send one piece of disused doctor blade
We are interested in establishing long term business relations with your company.
Company Hebei Zaoqiang Dinghao FRP CO.,LTD
Address 79 Pingyuan Eaststreet, Zaoqiang
Telephone 13503183001
Country China
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Contact Person Jenny Zhang
Designation Export Manager
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Business Activity : Manufacturer
Industry Type : Pulp & Paper Industry
Company Type : Limited Liability Company
Company Establishment : 2007
No. of Employee : 60
Company Turnover : 50m USD
International Standards : Figure
Member of Association : Figure
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cleaning doctor blade producer in China

Category : Paper Machine Machinery
Country : China
cleaning doctor blade producer in China

Category : Paper Machine Machinery
Country : China
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