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Industrial Cooling Tower for Sale in Single Cell and Multi-Cell configuration

Product Name : Cooling Tower
Price : on demand
Brand : JET
Shipping Port : NavaSheva Port India
Minimum Order Quantity : 1 Set
Supply Capacity : as required
Payment Terms : LC or TT
Total View : 1327
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Company : Armec Cooling Tower Pvt. Ltd.
Address : ?520, Fifth Floor, Dimple Arcade, Asha Nagar, Off. W. E. Highway, Kandivali (East), Mumbai 400 101
Telephone: 919869064012
Fax :
Country India
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Contact Person Shailesh Harani
Designation MD
Short Description
Buy Jet Cooling Tower, Water Flow: 1 m3/ hr to 1500 m3/hr, Delta T/ Range: Delta T of 4 degree C to 25 degree C.
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Jet Industrial Cooling Towers for Sale

Capacity Range:
  1. Water flow: 1m3/hr to 1500 m3/hr in single cell. 20,000 m3/hr in multi-cell configuration
  2. Delta T/ Range: Delta T of 4 degree C to 25 degree C (special applications) in single stage & in two stage delta T of 55 degree C to 65 degree C.
  3. High wet bulb / High ambient conditions: Designed for 28 degree C to 30 degree C wet bulb temperatures and 50 degree C to 55 degree C high ambient conditions.


Jet Towers are working for more than 25 different applications. Kindly fill in the enquiry form below along with your cooling water application.

Working Principles:

are based on liquid jet technology. The water to be cooled is circulated through specially- designed ejector nozzles. The ejector nozzles are arranged in a manner that water flowing out cover the entire top cross -sectional area of the jet tower. The water flowing out of the ejector nozzles is in the form of small droplets. They have good momentum and fall in a hollow umbrella pattern. Spraying with the liquid jet technology helps to create low pressure zone below the jet-ejector nozzles zone.

The outside atmospheric fresh air is moved in sucked due to pressure difference.

Thus, continuous “Induced Draught” is created. The water and air are in direct contact with each other without any obstruction in between; this enables a very good mass transfer and hence excellent cooling is achieved.

 : Performance assured:

For efficient mass transfer i.e. for efficient evaporation, air to water contact plays a key role.

Following factors are optimized in for excellent results:
  • Contact area
  • Contact efficiency
  • Contact time
  • Approach
  • Delta T / Range
  • L / G ratio
Unique Use :
1) Multi- applications

Single structure jet tower can be used for multi- applications.

2) Effluent cooling
Liquid effluents with high temperatures can be directly used in for cooling
purpose.This arrangement saves lots of money as you can avoid conventional indirect cooling method involving stainless steel heat exchanger, dedicated pump and other accessories.
3) Pre-crystallization

You can evaporate liquid/water from solution before the crystallization stage.


4) Zero drift System

You can opt for our unique system (for which patent is applied) where you save 100 per cent water loss due to drift / windage losses.

Contact us for your buying requirement of JET cooling towers.

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Jet Cooling Tower
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About Company:
Armec Manufacturers User Friendly Induced Draught Fan less Jet Type FRP Cooling Towers with indigenous technology, developed by the Indian technocrats. We have commissioned more than 7000 Jet Towers throughout India and abroad for all applications. Jet Towers can be used for applications in Steel, Sugar, Fertilizer, Pharmaceuticals, Cement, Edible Oil, Power, Chemical, Plastic and various Industries that use Boilers & Furnaces. It is also used in Commercial buildings, Malls & Multiplexes

JET Cooling Tower Manufacturer,JET Cooling Tower Exporter,JET Cooling Tower Supplier, Importer and Trader from India
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Industrial Cooling Tower for Sale in Single Cell and Multi-Cell configuration
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Industrial Cooling Tower for Sale in Single Cell and Multi-Cell configuration
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