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We are the leading supplier of paper and paper products in the Western Part of India and also in more than 15 countries globally. Over 45 years, we have grown from strength to strength and built a reputation for always delivering paper on time. We create resources, develop systems, design new processes, cross borders, open doors and generate momentum. Sometimes the correct interpretation of the faintest signal from the market leads to development of the blockbuster brand. We always strive to create new opportunities. Our systems are completely web based, hence enabling us to track order and deliveries with more efficiency. Hence we are able to give our customers better service and more value.

Today, we have expanded and grown to become one of the leading paper merchants in India and one of the largest importers of paper and paper products from overseas.We are one of the leading paper dealers in Pune and its surrounding areas for a variety of products like Art Paper, Maplitho and Packaging Boards.

We are an end-to-end paper solutions provider, consistently delivering products and services ranging from best-in-class paper and boards in a variety of sizes, GSM and quality. We are one of the leading paper merchants in India and one of the largest importers of paper and paper products from overseas. Our paper is used for a variety of purposes, such as: greeting cards, books, note-books, printing and photo copier paper, packing and packaging by a variety of clients from corporate to printing houses.

We as a group, provide a complete range of services by leveraging our domain and business expertise and strategic alliances with leading paper manufacturers and suppliers world over. We cater to all kinds of clients: traders, printing houses, corporate and retail customers. We recognize the needs, limitations and expectations of all our clients. Therefore, we customize to the last detail so that our customers not only get the best deal possible but also in the most effortless manner.

The secret of our success is actually no secret at all. The basic ingredients are well known and they include- hard work, vast experience and an intimate knowledge of the market. Today, we are the leading suppliers of coated and uncoated, wood-free, packaging and specialty papers in Pune and its environs. Over the years, in this business, we have developed sensitivity to the needs of our customers - quality, prompt delivery and rational costs.
Telephone 91-8888224888
Fax: 91-20-24450772
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Contact Person YASH SHAH
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