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Radial Industries is a premium electronics manufacturing,trading and consulting company, established by a Dynamic Entrepreneur with Technical & Management Qualification and with work experience in R&D , Marketing and Servicing electronics of collectively more than 25 years in reputed electronics industry..

Our Motive
We aim at changing the face of Indian electronics and in-house industry.
We understand business
Having worked for leading companies across virtually all sectors, we understand commerce and the challenges faced by in-house and agency communications teams.
We care about what we do
We always want to do well by our clients: we care about their reputation as much as we do about ours. This is partly professional pride, partly personal ethics. Doing a good job really matters to us.
Quality Policy

"Radial beleives in continous enchanement in technology to mate international standards in quality and service fulfilling clientele applications to make them more proficient,productive and more competitive."
Address PLOT NO. 23 , S.NO. 71, KITINAGAR , NEW SANGVI, PUNE 411027
Telephone 9225600417
Country India
Country Flag
Contact Person Chaudhari R.D.
Designation CEO
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Service Response,Quality, Delivery,Technical, Commercial
Business Activity : Manufacturer
Industry Type : Instruments Industry
Company Type : Sole Proprietorship
Company Establishment :
No. of Employee : 7
Company Turnover : Less than 1m USD
International Standards : Figure
Member of Association : Figure
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Company Website: (paid members)
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Membership Type : Free Membership
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