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Sodium borohydride 98% powder, supply Sodium borohydride

Product Name : Sodium borohydride
Price : $ 2/kg
Brand : AOKS
Shipping Port : shanghai port
Minimum Order Quantity : 1kg
Supply Capacity : 10000 kgs per month
Payment Terms : bank card or bitcoin
Total View : 40
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Company : hubei AOKS biotech co. ltd.
Address : no. 456, wu luo road, wuhan city
Telephone: 0086-27-52345788
Fax : 0086-27-52345786
Country Canada
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Contact Person Candy
Designation Candy
Short Description
appearance: white powder cas no. 16940-66-2 tags: 16940-66-2 , cas 16940-66-2 , 16940-66-2 powder , 16940-66-2 price , 16940-66-2 supplier , 16940-66-2 factory , 16940-66-2 manufacturer, China 16940-66-2 , China cas 16940-66-2 , China 16940-66-2 powder , buy 16940-66-2 , buy 16940-66-2 powder , supply 16940-66-2 , sell 16940-66-2 , 16940-66-2 in pharmaceutical intermediates , 16940-66-2 pharmaceutical materials , cas 16940-66-2 price , cas 16940-66-2 supplier , cas 16940-66-2 factory , cas 16940-66-2 manufacturer
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whatsapp/ signal/ telegram 0086 15377505767
wickr me: candyliu
Hubei AOKS biotech co. ltd.
We guarantee 100% of your packages pass through customs.We have full experience of shipping especially good at shipping to European countries,like UK,FRANCE,etc.
We have cooperating agents in these countries, Our customs clearance company will clear your parcel without customs issues, even 1000 kg at times,free of EU customs 
clearance. We will ship by special line.
Our hot sell products:
Phenacetin, cas 62-44-2
Benzocaine, cas 94-09-7
Lidocaine, cas 137-58-6
Lidocaine hcl, cas 73-78-9 / 6108-05-0
Tetracaine hcl, cas 136-47-0
Tetracaine, cas 94-24-6
Procaine, cas 59-46-1
Procaine HCL, cas 51-05-8
tetramisole hcl/hydrochloride, cas 5086-74-8
levamisole hcl/hydrochloride, cas 16595-80-5
boric acid, cas 11113-50-1
CBD, cas 13956-29-1
watermelon ketone , cas 28940-11-6
Pyrrolidine, cas 123-75-1
4-Aminoacetophenone, cas 99-92-3
1,3-Dimethyladamantane, cas 702-79-4
2-bromo-4-methylpropiophenone, cas 1451-82-7
why choose us ?
1. Quality
Our products meet MSDS safe standard and we have ISO and other certificate so yan can get high quality products from our company.
2. Price
We are the company which is the joint of trade and industry so we cao provide the competitive price and high quality product.
3. Packing
We can do according to the customers' request.
4. Transport
The products can be transported  by Courier, by air or by sea
5. Service
We offer specialized logistic service including export declaration,customs clearance and every detail during shipment,this makes us able to offer you one-stop service 
from the order to the products transported to your hand

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About Company:
HUBEI AOKS BIO-TECH CO LTD is located in Hubei province of China. We specialized in pharmaceutical intermediates veterinary drug intermediates and dyes intermediates,such as phenylacetamide,dimethylamine hcl, benzyl chloride etc. We have strong professional research and development team, talented personnel and completely equipped laboratory for the quality controlling.We offer OEM service,if you have a good plan in new product production but lack of laboratory device and human resource, we are glad to sovle this problem for you. Quality Best,Customer First !

AOKS Sodium borohydride Manufacturer,AOKS Sodium borohydride Exporter,AOKS Sodium borohydride Supplier, Importer and Trader from Canada
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Sodium borohydride 98% powder, supply Sodium borohydride
Category : Sodium borohydride 98% powder, supply Sodium borohydride
Location : Chemicals
China Sodium borohydride nabh4, cas 16940-66-2
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sell 102-97-6, China cas 102-97-6, 102 97 6 price
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CAS 16940-66-2, sodium borohydride in other inorganic salts
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