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VRANCART is a paper mill from Romania with more then 35 years experience in this field, always interested in approaching new partners for business. The company is located in Adjud, Vrancea region, on the east part of Romania, at 450 km away from the seaport Constanta .Products are comprised of variety of packaging papers, made of 100% recycled waste paper, with internal core of 100 mm. Our products are VRANFLUTE MEDIUM (Fluting WB), VRANLINER (TL4) and TESTLINER (TL3). Width of our machine is 4550 mm and all mentioned products are made in reels in dimensions which depend on buyers demand.
Address 17 Ecaterina Teodoroiu, 625100 Adjud, Vrancea Romania
Telephone 0040740209447
Country Romania
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Contact Person Marius-Catalin Ivanciu
Designation Area Sales Manager
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Business Activity : Manufacturer
Industry Type : Pulp & Paper Industry
Company Type : Limited Stock Company
Company Establishment : 1977
No. of Employee : 1100
Company Turnover : 1m USD but 5m USD
International Standards : Figure
Member of Association : Figure
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Company Website: (paid members)
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Membership Type : Free Membership
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Selling offers this company
Sized Paper for manufacturing of paper core tubes

Category : Industrial Paper
Country : Romania
Test liner, Testliner for Card Board making applications

Category : Packing Paper
Country : Romania
Vranliner Paper for making of corrugated cardboard

Category : Packing Paper
Country : Romania
Fluting Paper for Making of Corrugated Cardboard Application

Category : Packing Paper
Country : Romania
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