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Water Repellent Coating Eco Friendly

Product Name : Water Repllent Coating
Price : $ 3.5
Brand : AGUAKOT 99
Shipping Port : Coching Port
Minimum Order Quantity : 1000
Supply Capacity : 50000 MT Per Month
Payment Terms : Cash and Carry
Total View : 1932
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Company : Harrisons Malayalam Limited
Address : 241624 Bristow Road Willingdon Island Cochin-682003
Telephone: 9702097461
Fax :
Country India
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Contact Person Vikas Bhagat
Designation Deputy Manager Sales and Marketing
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by 1 Users
Short Description
This Water Repellent Coating provides superior repellency with very good barrier to moisture, oil, grease and fatty acids. Can be used in paper converting, recycling, fibre board, skin packaging, over print with heat resistance.
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 AGUAKOT 99 Water repellent coating is good as its:

1) 100% Bio degradable.

2) Repulpable, Recyclable, and paper convertable.

3) Contains no Plastic.

What Aguakot 99 do:

1) This water repellent coating is formulated in such a way that the surface tension is suitably adjusted for easy wet out on the surface to be coated.

2) The substracts exhibits superior water repellency, at the same time it does not penetrate into pores and hence is breathable.

3) Aguakot 99 can be blended with paper pulp and it wets out paper molecules more effectivily and bonds them. The moulded pulp is 100% water proof.

4) The ready to use coating is approx 30% to 40% solids and it can be diluted to 18 to 20 % if needed with water.

5) Aguakot 99 can be applied at a line speed of 40 to 50 metres/minutes with 70-80 degree C temprature inside a drying tunner of 40 feet.

6) After applying our coating on paper the surface will apear saturated.

7) A dry coat of 3 to 4 GSM is sufficeint.

8) Trial samples are available on request.


Packaging Size available:

30kg MS drums & Plastic drums, 200 kg MS Drums & Plastic drum, and other sizes on request. 

Technical Specs:

 1) Appearance : Milky white

  2) Percentage of solids : 30 to 45 %

  3) pH at 25 deg C : 7 to 7.5

 4) Brookfield Viscosity (CPS) spindle 1, at 12RPM : 300 MAX (@ 25 deg C)

  5) Surface tension ( dunes/cm) : 45 +/-

  6) Film Characteristics : Clear


Application Methods:

1) Gruvure Coating method

2) Gravure with Myre bar coating method

3) Kiss Coating method

4) By simple bruth, roller and spray gun.










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About Company:
India's Largest rubber and tea producing company which is popularly know for its great quality and innovative manufacturing. We have been supplying all forms of Natural rubber to various industries and also have Water repellent coating for paper industry which is 100% Eco friendly and bio degradable. Good for perishable good suppliers.

AGUAKOT 99 Water Repllent Coating Manufacturer,AGUAKOT 99 Water Repllent Coating Exporter,AGUAKOT 99 Water Repllent Coating Supplier, Importer and Trader from India
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Water Repellent Coating Eco Friendly
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