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Gramms Paper 

About Company:
1.What is your products range?

Ivory board,bond paper,art paper,coated paper,white cardboard offset paper,gray board,copy paper,duplex

paper etc.

2.Are you a manufactory?

No,we are not a manufactory.we have been being a general agency of many paper giant.

3.Do you have stock products to sell?

Yes,we have stock products to sell.

4.Do you do the OEM business?

Yes,we work on the OEM business which means Size,material,quantity,design,packaging solution etc will depend on your requests.In addition,your logo can be posted on the products packaging.

5.How many days will the sample be finished? Sample is available in our stock,we can send after receiving your order
Company Gramms Paper
Address muang 52000
Telephone 66839877675
Country Thailand
Country Flag
Contact Person chung lai sui
Designation a4 paper
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Service Response,Quality, Delivery,Technical, Commercial
Business Activity : Manufacturer
Industry Type : Pulp & Paper Industry
Company Type : Limited Stock Company
Company Establishment : 1996
No. of Employee : 169
Company Turnover : 5m USD but 10m USD
International Standards : Figure
Member of Association : Figure
Verification Status :
Company Website: (paid members)
Membership Since :
Membership Type : Free Membership
Total View : (1375)

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A4 Copy Paper for Printing and Copying Application

Category : Copier Paper
Country : Thailand
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