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release base paper

Product Name : release base papers
Price : 1610
Brand : RBP
Shipping Port : NAHAVA SAHAR
Minimum Order Quantity : 20000
Supply Capacity : 10000
Payment Terms : lc
Total View : 1720
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Company : yash papers ltd
Address : yash nagar , darshan nagar , disstic - faizabad ,
Telephone: 07800008280
Fax :
Country India
Country Flag
Contact Person Ashok surja
Designation Innovation manager
Short Description
Release base paper for silicon coating and for label purpose . we are making base paper only with production capacity 50 TPD .
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Base paper for release silicon coating GSM range 30-70 . 


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base paper for silicon coating
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About Company:
Manufacture of Kraft and poster paper with High strength property and Varying GSM range 30-80

RBP release base papers Manufacturer,RBP release base papers Exporter,RBP release base papers Supplier, Importer and Trader from India
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release base paper
Category : release base paper
Location : Specialty Paper
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