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sodium percarbonate

Product Name : sodium percarbonate
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Supply Capacity : On Demand
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Company : hongye chemical CO.,LTD
Address : No.28 Guangming Noth Rd., Chengguan Town, Nanle County, Henan,China
Telephone: 0086-393-4636771
Fax : 0086-393-4637731
Country China
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Contact Person jinghong wu
Designation manager
Short Description
buy sodium percarbonate
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Sodium Percarbonate offers many of the same functional benefits as liquid hydrogen peroxide. It dissolves into water rapidly to release oxygen and provides powerful cleaning, bleaching, stain removal and deodorizing capabilities. As Sodium Percarbonate is a kind of new high effective bleaching raw material for detergent, with advantage of no odor, no toxin, and no pollution. Due to the bleaching capacity of active oxygen released into the water, Sodium Percarbonate shows well performance. Sodium Percarbonate also is one disinfecting agent,it can kill coliform, staphylkinase, hepatitis bacterium and so on, therefore it is used as defecting agent in Hospital,Public Place,and to disinfected Medical Instrument, False Teeth, Fruit tools and Fruite and so on. Along with the development of aquiculture, usages of Sodium Percarbonate in such domains are increasing. Many detergent manufacturers home and abroad have being adopted Sodium Percarbonate as bleaching raw material instead of Sodium perborate or others.

Physical & Chemical Features

Byname:sodium carbonate peroxide

Molecular formula:2Na2 CO3.3H2O2

CAS No:15630-89-4

UN No.:3378

Dangerous goods class:5.1


Item:                    Uncoated                   Coated

Appearance:     Free flowing white granule     Free flowing white granule

Active Oxygen: (%)      13.5 min                     13.0 min

Bulk density, g/l:         700-1100                    900-1100 

Moisture:(%)            2.0 max                       2.0 max

Iron(Fe):(%)             0.0015 max                  0.0015max

PH(3%water solution,20oC)  10.0-11.0                 10.0-11.0

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sodium percarbonate
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About Company:
Hongye Chemical Co., Ltd. Has entire capitals subsidiary and share-holding companies :Puyang HongyeWorld Dragon Chemical Co ., Ltd., Hongye Chemical Co., Ltd.Puyang Branch, Puyang Hongye Imp&Exp. Commerce Co., Ltd. etc. We also have branches in USA and Japan ,etc.Now our company is the leading professional manufacturer and supplier of Thiourea Dioxide and Pulp Bleaching Agent FAS , the world’s largest production base of Furfuryl Alcohol and Furfural ,and the largest producer of Sodium Percarbonate in Asia .

sodium percarbonate Manufacturer, sodium percarbonate Exporter, sodium percarbonate Supplier, Importer and Trader from China
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