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srikrishna fine arts 

About Company:
SRI KRISHNA FINE ARTS, was established in 1980, and produces thin-paper printing, such as labels and other commercial printing. It is today one of Sivakasi leading printing companies, and the success of our companies in our region was on a basis of good business sense and dedication to quality which has kept us on a path of continuing growth and innovation.

Our high quality, dependable printing has made us a valued supplier to both local and overseas customers for more than 30 years since our establishment in late 80's.

Through regular training classes and seminars we keep our printers and operators in all departments abreast with the latest advances in printing and print technologies. This allows us to continually improve our effectiveness and assure your satisfaction.Our printing department features large, high-end printing machines, including 4-color offset presses with coaters.

Finally, our production department is equipped with label converting machines and supporting equipment such as computerized trimming machines and weighing and jogging machines.

With client base in India and across globe, SRI KRISHNA FINE ARTS, vouches only one thing-quality printing services at affordable cost, of course, timely delivered.

SRI KRISHNA FINE ARTS is known for commercial cost effective offset printing services. Choose SRI KRISHNA FINE ARTS as your printing services provider.
Company srikrishna fine arts
Address 31327-2,sattur road, Near arun thilak complex, Sivaasi-626189
Telephone 9965670264
Country Flag
Contact Person Gangatharan.T
Designation Manager-SalesMarketing
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Service Response,Quality, Delivery,Technical, Commercial
Business Activity : Importer Exporter
Industry Type : Printing Industry
Company Type : Sole Proprietorship
Company Establishment : 2007
No. of Employee : 25
Company Turnover : 20m USD but 30m USD
International Standards : Figure
Member of Association : Figure
Verification Status :
Company Website: (paid members)
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Membership Type : Free Membership
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