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Why Should I join?

Why Should I join?

Kagaztrade.com is web based portal for Business to Business (B2B). Kagaztrade.com is related to the Pulp & Paper and Allied Industries directly.

Kagaztrade.com believes to work closely with the industries that`s why Kagaztrade.com expects from members to participate in the Kagaztrade.com actively. More active you are more gain is there. Kagaztrade.com has been developed according to the feedbacks that we have been received from the officials of various Pulp & Paper and Allied Industries in different exhibitions. Those who are looking for various type of services, continuous requirement of different products, search for Business Partners in different countries for giving new market to its products, Kagaztrade.com provides a single platform for all of your requirements. This is a era of globalization which has not only eliminated the market boundaries but also opens the doors of new market in different countries.   

The USPs of KagazTrade.com

In the era of tough competition a company can increase its profitability by taking various important steps such as sourcing cheap but quality raw material from non-domestic countries (see the Sourcing Section), minimizing its huge marketing budget by taking live buying leads, opening the doors of Sale in new market, reduction in manpower, taking services and products at competitive price and many more.  
The concept of Focused E-Mail Marketing is utilized in marketing of posted leads and giving awareness to the company in Global Market. For email marketing Kagaztrade.com utilizes large industrial data (see the Industrial Directory). The Industrial Directory which has been shown here is the partial description not complete details (not mentioned here). Kagaztrade.com consists Large Industrial Data (which covers Manufacturers data of Pulp & Paper Industries, Chemical, Mechanical Equipments, Electrical Equipments, Non-Mechanical Products, Machine Clothing, Instruments and raw material suppliers which are directly related to Pulp & Paper Industries. Kagaztrade.com also consists Consumer Data such as Newspaper Publishers (consumers of Newsprint Paper). Kagaztrade.com believes in improvement and growth of industrial and consumer data that`s why Kagaztrade.com invites suggestions from our members and visitors.

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